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Charter on Professionalism

The College adopted the Charter on Professionalism in 2006 as a reflection of its ongoing strategic direction to foster and enhance professional behaviour to encourage the highest possible standards in the practice of Massage Therapy.

Charter on Professionalism


Massage Competency Standards

The Massage Therapy Competency Standards document amalgamates and updates all the educational documents developed by the College over the years into a single document and presents a broad-based set of competency standards for Massage Therapy practice in Ontario. This document, which outlines the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for competent Massage Therapy practice, has been developed as a tool to assist Massage Therapy schools in developing curriculum that continues to meet the changing demands of modern practice. It is also useful for new and practising Massage Therapists in developing personal development plans that allow them to meet and exceed evolving professional standards.

Massage Therapy Competency Standards

See also Interjurisdictional Competency Standards


Report on Policy Issues Concerning the Regulation of Massage Therapy in Canada (FOMTRAC Report)

The purpose of this 2006 report, commissioned by the Federation of Massage Therapy Regulatory Authorities of Canada (FOMTRAC), was to create overarching parameters for issues that affect Massage Therapy regulation, to be used as a guideline for other provinces that are interested in becoming regulated.



Information and Guidelines for Professional Behaviour Regarding Prevention of Abuse of Massage Therapy Clients

These guidelines were created to assist therapists in understanding and implementing the ethical requirements inherent in the Zero Tolerance policy and the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Includes information about sexual abuse prevention and post termination relationships.

Bulletin 1 – An Overview of Client Abuse Prevention
Bulletin 2 – Preventing Sexual Abuse
Bulletin 3 – Introduction to Diversity
Bulletin 4 – Diversity Toolkit


Where’s My Line?

Booklet on information for healthcare professionals about defining and respecting personal boundaries in healthcare relationships.

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